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Openbox TV Receivers

We are Ireland’s supplier of the original openbox receiver which we keep in stock here in Ireland.We stock two main openbox receivers at the moment depending on your needs. We stock the openbox V9S which picks up the UK free to air channels and has upgraded capabilities to the older openbox V8S box and we also stock the V7 combo box which allows you to pick up Irish saorview channels and freesat UK channels. Click here for a full channel list for the Openbox V9S receiver.

The Openbox V9S:

The openbox V8S satellite receiver upgrade is here in the V9S model which has built in WIFI that allows for updates directly from the openbox server (the V8S did not have built in WIFI).  This Openbox V9S The openbox V9S is a HD (high definition) box and can pickup over 200 freesat channels including BBC1, 2, 3, ITV, Channel 4 and many many more! It allows for rewind and record of all programs with an external hard drive. It comes with 2 USB inputs which allow for PVR (recording facility) to an external hard drive which can be purchased as an extra. It also has a 7 day EPG (TV guide).

Our openbox V9S connects to your existing dish so all you need to do is plug and play and you are ready to go. It allows for recording and playback of channels and comes with two fast USB ports which allow you to connect external storage and a WIFI USB adapter.

The V7 Combo (Irish and UK channels):

The V7 combo receiver will allow you to pick up Saorview (Irish channels) as well as the free to air UK channels with its  1 x DVB-S2 satellite tuner  and one DVB-T2/ C Saorview Tuner. It is a HD receiver and has a recording function via external hard drive which can be purchased as an extra and also allows for recording and playback of programs with an external hard drive as well as a 7 day EPG (TV Guide). This box will also work with an existing Sky satellite dish.