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Buyers Guide

We often get asked “which is the best box for me?” so we decided to write a quick buyers guide that might help answer some of the questions you may have about our various boxes. We sell a small range of what we think are the best boxes having dealt with various manufacturers. The main things we look at are the quality of the product, the price range and ease of use.

I have an existing satellite dish and only want Freesat (UK) channels:

All of our boxes pick up the freesat UK channels so it comes down to your budget. The best options in their various price ranges for this are the Zgemma H.2S receiver and the Openbox V9S. The Zgemma H2S receiver is one of the best and the fastest on the market and has an easy to use interface that is very similar to a Sky box which many people would be used to using. It has auto update channels, IPTV add on’s, WIFI and runs on the linux operating system. The Zgemma H.2S is also a twin tuner box which means that you can record one channel whilst watching another . The Openbox V9S does not have this. The Openbox V9S is a more affordable option but a very good popular box and has replaced the successful Openbox V8S as it has built in WIFI which the V8S model did not have. This box will allow you to pick up all of the freesat channels as well as record to an external hard drive and also has a 7 day EPG TV guide.

Both are great boxes but if you have the budget we would definitely recommend the Zgemma H2S.

I have an existing satellite dish and I want Freesat (UK) and Saorview (Irish) channels:

To get both the UK and Irish channels you need one of our combo receivers and there are two main boxes we stock at different price ranges. There is the Zgemma H.2H which is our flagship combo receiver and the more affordable V7 Combo receiver. The Zgemma H.2H is the fastest combo box on the market at the moment and allows for a customised skin similar to that of a Sky box which many people are used to using. It has a 7 day EPG (TV guide) and a record and rewind function (PVR).

The V7 combo is an affordable receiver that is very good although not as fast as the Zgemma H.2H. It has a PVR (record) function to an external hard drive and also has a 7day EPG (tv guide). Again if you have the budget we would recommend the Zgemma H2H as it is a quicker box and you can add the Slky skin which is a similar interface to a traditional Sky box interface making it much more user friendly.

I don’t have a satellite dish and live in an apartment/flat so cannot install one:

Not everyone is allowed install satellite dishes, especially if you live in an apartment/flat. For this we would recommend one of our android TV boxes. We only sell android boxes with 2GB of RAM and upwards as the cheaper 1GB of RAM boxes can’t handle popular apps such as Kodi and crash a lot. Our android boxes will allow you to access thousands of channels from around the world, movies and TV shows on demand, download music apps such as Spotify and give you access to Google Playstore. These boxes work solely through your internet connection so need satellite dish is needed.