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Our Zgemma receivers are some of the best on the market and allow for record, pause and playback as well as offering a 7 day EPG (TV guide) and also the ability to add custom add on’s and skins. We only sell official Zgemma boxes and our stock is kept here in Ireland to ensure the quickest delivery times possible.

The Zgemma H2S is a freesat twin tuner receiver allowing for recording of one channel whilst watching another which single tuner boxes cannot do. It allows for recording, pause and playback of content when an external hard drive is added which can be found here. It also allows for custom skins to be installed which are like a Sky box as well as other add on’s.

If you would like to get Freesat and Saorview channels then the Zgemma H2H is the perfect box for you. This will allow you to get all of the Freesat channels and all of the Saorview channels in one box. Again it allows  recording, pause and playback to an external hard drive which can be got here. You can also add custom skins to the box to a interface similar to a Sky box.